Friday, October 29, 2010

Athens Classic Marathon – climate friendly to the top of the podium

On Sunday , 31rst October, the legendary Athens Classic Marathon will be launched for the 28th time celebrating the 2500 years from the original event.

This time it will be the 5th time that ClimatePartner with its associate Greek company GLOBAL CHALLENGES offers the possibility of offsetting the unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions that arise by travelling to the event. Last year about 1500 runners both international and local availed this opportunity which added up to the compensation of about 250 tons of carbon dioxide and the subsequent support of a climate protection project.

The possibility to participate in a climate friendly race will this year be offered to Greek runners for free. This is because Coca-Cola Hellas supporter of the race through its brand POWERADE, takes over the costs of compensation for any Greek participant who visits a dedicated micro web site. The company also contributes to the offsetting of the international runners emission on a 50/50 matching scheme, showcasing both its corporate responsibility for the combat of climate change as well as the need of personal committment to this phenomenon.

Already the top athletes international and Greek as well as other participants of this unique event have offsett their emmissions and received their personnalised certificates in Zappeion, Athens.

We wish all the best to the athletes and hope that this event is going to be a great experience bridging sport and environment . Go for green!

Further information about the Marathon and the project used for compensation of the carbon dioxide emissions can be found here:

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